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Company Profile & Testimonials


Otto Wolters, B.S., M.B.A - B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Heat Transfer. M.B.A in Marketing.

Professional Background:
  • Research Cottrell, Canada, Regional Manager
  • Peabody, Department Manager
  • Vulcanium, V.P. Sales
Today, Otto controls the engineering and sales departments of MBA


Gertraud Wolters, B.A., M.B.A - B.A. in Languages, M.B.A. in Finance.

Professional Background:
  • Continental Bank/Bank of America
  • Sumitomo Bank, V.P. Commercial Lending
Today, Gertraud heads the financial department at MBA


David Hayncel
As General Manager David oversees the daily operation of MBA. David has a strong background in the metals industry and maintains the orgaization's focus on product and process quality


Ever since MBA Manufacturing was founded in 1984, our stated objectives have been to:

  • Supply reliable technical advise and support
  • Provide high quality products
  • Maintain competitive pricing
  • Offer acceptable delivery times

By initially relying on other manufacturing companies, we found that it became increasingly difficult to maintain our above stated objectives. Consequently MBA started its own manufacturing division. This decision enabled us to control all phases of customer services, from manufacturing to quality control to delivery to pricing. Our customers have supported this decision by rewarding us with their loyalty and their continuous support.

MBA's main products are:
  • Heating/Cooling Coils
  • Anode Baskets
  • Tanks and Tank Liners
  • Anode Hooks
  • Titanium Fasteners
  • Digital Temperature Controllers
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Di-electric Connectors
  • Thermowells

Testimonials - Your satisfaction with our product is our Number-One priority. Here's what a few of our clients have said about our products & services.

"Otto: As you know, last March we tried your dual zone steam coil to see if it would help with heat up time and maintain a constant temperature in our solutions. As to date the coil is still in line and doing the job that we had hoped it would do."

David Servatius
Modern Plating Corporation

"We have inspected the Titanium coils you made for our Kentucky plant...and found them in perfect shape. They stand up very well to the Chromic Acid...the cooling coils you made are working so well we need only one coil per tank...and can increase our production..."

Hausner Hardchrome, Inc.
Developers of H. H. Chromeseal Process
Wolfgang J. Hausner, President

"Re: ...Grid Coil Air Sparger We have been using the above described coils in our anodizing tanks since 1995. Prior to this time we used stainless coils without the air sparger and had problems with "hot spots" developing around them, which caused a high rate of corrosion due to the sulfuric acid. Since the air spargers were added we have not had this problem... All six [coils] are currently in use and have been trouble free. The spargers keep a constant and even temperature around the coils which serves a double purpose: it prevents the destructive action of hot spots and it gives us a nice even temperature distribution throughout the tanks.... We have been extremely happy with the work done for us by MBA... and they receive our highest quality rating."

Bryan J. Bateman, General Manager
All-Brite Anodizing Co., Inc.
Stone Park, IL

"Otto: Just a word of 'Thanks' for your always prompt service on repairing our Zirconium and Stainless coils. Our association with your company has been tremendous. New coils are delivered in weeks-not months. Repairs are done in days-not months. It is a pleasure doing business with your company."

Michael Eisner, President
Reliable Galvanizing
Chicago, Illinois

"Mr. Wolters: I think the last time we bought heating coils from you was in 1996. They have been working very nice so now that we are building a new galvanizing plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we would like one unit from MBA..."

Pablo Bosch